The start

Hello everyone! We are Natasha and Andrei from Moscow, Russia. We went travelling around the world for a year.

In this blog we will share our impressions, tell about interesting places that we visit and publish beautiful pictures.

Natasha is 25, she graduated from MSU, worked as a journalist until recently and was getting a second education as a psychologist. Andrei is 26, he worked as an IT project manager (and he is a complete geek).


We nurtured the idea to travel for a long time, but it was more of a dream for us: Natasha didn’t want to leave the university, we both worked, plus we have two cats and a dog.

But on one sunny spring day in March 2014 we decided (separately from each other) that we definetely should go travelling. When we met that day, the decision was made. Some time later we quit our jobs, postponed the studying, took our cats to our friend and the dog to Natasha’s grandma. Overall, it wasn’t so difficult to solve all the problems that seemed like huge obstacles for travelling. We saved up enough money after 2 years of work, and we are also going to rent out our apartment (we don’t have the tenants yet though).

We have two pretty small backpacks, and our photo equipment occupies significants space in them. We will tell later what we took with us and what was useful.

We plan to go to Asia and South America. We wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand too, but we didn’t ger the australian visas, unfortunately (although we had passports full of different visas). So we will go there some other time, we hope.

We won’t travel too fast or two slow: we will not pass a country in two days or llive somewhere fow two months. The posts won’t keep up with our day to day travel — it takes time to write them and edit the photos.

Our trip started on Septermer 5th 2014. Our first stop was in Istanbul, then we went to Seoul and started travelling in South Korea. Where we will go next? Read the blog to find out 🙂

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